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United States generate more than 200 million tons of waste every year, and most of it simply goes to our nation’s landfills. Fortunately, there is a simple change that we can all make to ensure this problem does not get completely out of hand. By switching to biodegradable food service tableware, we can make a significant impact on the increasing landfill shortage. When disposed of with a commercial compost facility, biodegradable tableware takes only 50 to 100 days to completely compost. A biodegradable food service industry can become a major player in eco-friendly practices throughout the country and throughout the world! We hope you take a few moments to explore our catalog and see how we’re making environmentally friendly green habits more attainable for restaurants, schools, government agencies, park staffs, convention centers and just about everyone. Please consider making the switch today, because we only have one Earth to take care of!

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Green Chemicals

We offer a complete line of green and environmentally safe janitorial, cleaning, and chemical sanitary maintenance products.
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Green Disposable

Many of our products are made of tree-free, petroleum-free, all natural materials such as PLA corn starch or sugarcane bagasse.
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